Recruiting through an event

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A group of enthusiastic colleagues at Dublin City Council got together to run an energy awareness campaign in the Council and to help communicate sustainability issues. The local energy agency Codema worked closely with these staff members to develop a 1-year campaign called “Think Energy”. In order to form a team which would make plans and decisions on the campaign, staff members of Codema gave a short presentation on the benefits of behavioural change to Dublin City Council employees in the area of Facility Management, Information Services and Human Resources. The Think Energy team was formed. Given the large size of the Civic Offices building with 1,500 staff members, it was decided that further “Think Energy Ambassadors” needed to be recruited to spread the energy-saving message on the ground. This was done by offering a lunchtime talk on “How to save energy at home” in the Civic Office’s conference room. Lunch and tea/coffee was provided and an energy consultant was invited to give a presentation to 60 attendees. They were provided with energy tips and information on the campaign and later asked whether they would like to volunteer to become Think Energy Ambassadors. The volunteering programme was also advertised in the organisation’s newsletter, on the Dublin City Council intranet and via the Think Energy Online Hub, a website which had been created for the project by the marketing team in Codema.