Customer service training

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The Big Lemon recognise that in order to provide the best possible service, the drivers of their community bus service need to receive appropriate training. Training is used as an opportunity to develop customer service skills and to instil the values of the business into the team. When providing training on customer service, they emphasise the importance of making eye contact with customers, greeting everyone when they get on the bus and acknowledging them when they leave. They also seek to motivate the team by reminding drivers about the bigger picture that their work is contributing to – the drivers may think they are simply driving up and down the same road all day, but what they are actually doing is providing a vital public service, contributing to the local economy, reducing congestion and pollution, giving hundreds of people a pleasurable experience, and developing the company’s expertise. Training is offered on a regular basis in order to keep people up to date on new procedures and to provide feedback on work, and efforts are made to tailor support to meet the varying needs of the team.

Source: Community-Led Transport Initiatives action pack