Visioning at a village meeting

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Loenen Energie Neutraal (Loenen Energy Neutral) won the municipality of Apeldoorn’s “Energetic Villages” competition and was awarded funding to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures to help them become an energy neutral village. The competition required them to have a plan for how they would use the funding to pursue energy neutrality and inspired the Loenen community to think creatively about possible energy projects. When Apeldoorn announced the “Energetic Villages” competition, the village council organised an information evening. This process brought together members of the village with business, finance and organisational skills who helped to develop the plan and were committed to delivering it. The evening was also used to identify an individual from within the community with the skills, knowledge, experience, vision and network to drive forward the plan and who could lead as chairman of Loenen Energie Neutraal. Read more about Loenen Energie Neutraal here.