TV and radio coverage - retrofit

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The Drombane Upperchurch Energy Team (DUET) is a community-led retrofit project developed in 2011 by Drombane Village Group. The project emerged from a community initiative which sought to stimulate economic activity within the parishes of Drombane and Upperchurch. DUET has received a great deal of radio and TV coverage through being an exemplary community retrofit initiative, recognised through national competitions such as the Ace Awards. Winning such awards has increased their exposure and helped to gather momentum in receiving media coverage. The coverage has mainly focussed on the story behind DUET: why the initiative was originally conceived, how it was formed and structured, and what measures have been implemented. This coverage has engaged the communities as with each passing year more and more homes sign up to energy upgrades. In the three years since its conception, the community has upgraded around 25% of the local housing stock, whereas just 16% of the national housing stock has been upgraded in 5 years. The absolute number of homes signing up is getting larger and larger every year.