Roles within a partnership

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The Energy Smart Community was a not-for-profit scheme run by Dublin’s energy agency Codema in partnership with Iona and District Resident's Association. The scheme allowed homeowners to join together with their local community to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, while availing of energy saving grants from the government. It operated on the simple principle that by bringing homeowners together as a ‘cluster’, they could save on their overall energy bills, while taking advantage of the environmental and social benefits for the community involved. The roles of the different partners in the project were very defined. While the Resident’s Association assisted with the development of local contacts, Codema looked after all the PR and marketing in relation to the project. The Resident’s Association then helped with the distribution of the marketing material to help involve the community and get residents to attend local information evenings. This was done through press releases, local newspaper/website articles, posters and leaflets which were developed by Codema’s Communications Manager. Both Codema and the Resident’s Association devised a ‘door-knock’ strategy to call to approx. 1,000 homes in the area to advertise the scheme. Codema’s Energy Engineer provided all the energy advice at information evenings and Codema’s Finance Officer looked after tendering and procurement. Codema also worked with an outside consultant who was responsible for project administration and giving the main presentation at local meetings.