Participation in decision making

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Carbon Co-op is a community benefit society, and as a result they are accountable to their subscribing members and involving them in decision making is integral to their work. Members can contribute in a number of ways. They hold an AGM every year and attempt to structure the session to maximise involvement in key decisions. In addition to this they hold six monthly general meetings of the wider membership. Members can also stand for the committee and contribute as board members of the society. In terms of the wider community, i.e. people who are not members, they actively engage this audience through their work in a number of ways including public meetings, attendance at events, supporting community champions who run workshops with friends and neighbours and ongoing participatory projects. One example of their participatory projects is Eco-home Lab, which is their open source energy monitor project. They run Hacklab sessions and monthly MeetUp groups with a group of around 20 householders. This open structure means participants have begun to shape and dictate the development of the project and helped them create new tools and applications.