Marketing a product

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Stroudco Food Hub originally set out to market low-cost local food to people on the estate around the local school where the Food Hub is based. They started by trying to gain members through holding stalls at school fairs, and encouraging people to sign up by offering a free bottle of beer and deals for free membership.  Lots of people joined, but no one started ordering anything! Eventually they accepted that the households they were targeting were not going to embrace the idea, and so broadened their marketing to the whole of Stroud. To market the Food Hub, they produced a video, published press releases in local newspapers, ran a leafleting campaign, used social media, and sent emails and texts to members each week. They also secured funding for a marketing development worker to provide support for one day per month, and signed up volunteers who run their own creative design agency. This had a big impact on increasing membership. As part of the broadening of their marketing they decided to reduce the emphasis on affordability and now target Waitrose shoppers with the message that Stroudco is the only Stroud retail outlet for many of the artisan products they offer.