A choice of joining options

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Stroud Community Agriculture charge £2 per month for membership, which covers administrative costs of running their co-operative. Members can then choose to buy a veg share on top of this, which goes towards supporting the running of their community supported farm and the production of the veg. Members of low incomes can ask for a bursary when they join. There is no means testing for this – if someone asks for a bursary, they can get a reduction on their membership fee of £1 per month and the veg share can be discounted by up to 20% on request. Any larger reduction has to be approved by the core group. Bursaries are funded through members who choose to pay more than the standard charges per month, and through the organisation donating 1% of its turnover every year into the bursary fund. There is also the option of volunteering or working on the farm in exchange for membership as an alternative to paying the fees.

Source: The Story of Community Supported Agriculture in Stroud