Annual community donation

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Resilient Energy Great Dunkiln (REGD) is a joint venture between The Resilience Centre, a landowner and the community of St Briavels. Together they raised £1.4 million in five months to install a 500kW wind turbine in 2012 in the parish of St Briavels. The funding target was met using a crowdfunding process developed by REGD and Abundance Generation; share offers started from as little as £5 to £50,000 and the return on investment is expected to typically deliver between 7 and 8 percent annually over 20 years. 

As well as the inclusive minimum share offer the project committed to an annual community donation of £15,000 - £20,000 over 20 years. The calculation of monies going to the fund is transparent and based on 4 percent of turnover, not surplus, so is linked to total energy generated and revenue. The community fund’s purpose is to help the local area meet its current and future needs; applicants to the fund must demonstrate how they will make the village more resilient.

The community donation is administered by a rolling panel made up of locals from all sectors within the community who are separate from the primary stakeholders. Local people and organisations can write in twice a year to the fund requesting a grant demonstrating how they intend to use the money and over what period. With minimal red tape, applications are discussed and debated by the panel based on how closely they meet the criteria detailed above. Beneficiaries include a local charity helping to provide suitable accommodation for the elderly, the creation of a local handyman service, maintaining the availability of the publicly accessible village defibrillators and helping the local playgroup to replace and upgrade their equipment.